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In addition to our experience in this niche, we have different external partners to better guide our clients and help them avoid some of the pitfalls.  We will work together with your agents and other experts with whom you are already doing business.  Whether for the management of funds in your Athletic Trust, your business holdings, your will, or expert advice when faced with numerous projects and investments proposals (which can be declined on your behalf), we can assist and protect you, for a sports career can sometimes be short-lived.  Unfortunately, sportsmen can get approached unfavourably and have a hard time saying “no,” or have a very high income but only for a short period.  To illustrate how these situations may regrettably be possible, here are a few famous insolvency cases involving athletes who had once earned very important scholarships or income during their career, but were ill advised or led a lifestyle beyond their means, failing to plan for the long term:


Darren McCarty (Hockey – 4-time Stanley Cup winner), Marion Jones (3-time Olympic Gold medallist), Diego Maradona (Argentinian soccer legend), Lenny Dykstra (Baseball – 3-time "All-Star"), Scottie Pipen (Basketball "All-Star"), Evander Holyfield (Boxing champion), Lawrence Taylor (Football – 2-time Superbowl champion), and Mike Tyson (Boxing champion).


Specific insurance coverages can be very useful in protecting you and your family and we will also support you “post-career.”

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