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The Vo-Dignard Provost Group will help you plan and maximize your philanthropic projects.  Just as for any other investments, philanthropy requires rigorous professional planning and execution.


The VP Group will support you in your philanthropic action, whether it’s a one-time action or for the long term.  We will help from the time you decide to make a donation, in your choice of the cause if you wish or the choice of a charitable organization, and will be there for its implementation, its monitoring and the measure of your gift’s impact.


We will help you build a long-term strategy that could significantly reduce your estate taxes and ensure continuity in the work of the organizations that you support.  We can help you structure your donations optimally to increase their value for the beneficiaries and at the same time yield tax benefits for you and your family.  We can help you handle the administrative aspects of important gifts.

If you are interested in any of the following, please contact us for more information:


Setup of your own Dedicated Fund or Family Foundation (possible with as little as $100,000)


Planned Giving


Gifts of Securities: We can beneficially make on your behalf a donation in securities or through mutual funds without triggering taxes on capital gains.


Testamentary Bequests


Life Insurance: Designating an organization as your beneficiary.


Support for the establishment of ethics screens for your Foundation

Portfolio of ethical funds

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