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We understand perfectly the stakes of managing Family Wealth.  These significant pooled amounts often bring together members of the same family but who are at different stages in life, with different personalities and risk tolerance levels, and varying levels of understanding or opinions about investment strategies.  Some members (or one member) of the family may sometimes have the responsibility and the weight of having to make informed decisions for the group as a whole.  In particular, managing emotions is of the utmost importance so as to preserve family harmony.  It happens that the more we are close, the more difficult it may be to hold discussions devoid of emotions.  We understand your stakes and will help you optimize the overall situation for you and your Family, for instance by helping you establish a clear framework by formulating together with you a Statement of Policies and Investments.  We can also guide you in the setup of an Investment Committee and many other types of needs you may have.  We will also act as mediator and offer advice to all members of the Family that will come from an external experienced expert, who is able to step back and be free of emotions and conflicts of interest.


In brief, we will be in a way your own personal experienced "Family Office."

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