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Foundations and NPOs

We understand perfectly the stakes of managing a foundation or an NPO.  To this end, Mr. An-Lap Vo-Dignard and Mr. Ian Provost are very socially engaged and serve on many Boards of Directors and Investment Committees, including namely the Boards of the Quebec Society for Disabled Children, the Bruny Surin Foundation, and the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation – Investment Committee.  We therefore understand your reality and the fact that funds entrusted to your organization bear a great duty of responsibility.


Investment Committees often gather people with the same cause at heart but with different personalities and risk tolerance levels, and varying levels of understanding or opinions about investment strategies.  Some members (or a member) of the Board of Directors, through the Investment Committee, may have the responsibility and the weight of having to make informed decisions for the entire group.  We understand your stakes and can help you optimize the overall situation for you and your organization.  For instance, we can help you establish a clear framework by formulating together with you a Statement of Policies and Investments, based on ethical investment criteria, or provide a disbursement plan for your annual donations for a minimum of 3.5%.  We can also guide you in the setup of an Investment Committee and in many other types of needs you may have.


  • Support for the establishment of ethics screens for your Foundation
  • Portfolio of ethical funds
  • Assistance in implementing a strategy of planned giving, if not yet in place.


In brief, we will act as your organization’s own experienced “External Consultant.”

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