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Canada has an excellent reputation in the world and the reputation of the solidity of the Canadian banking system is well established.  As such, we receive a great number of requests from foreign investors.  Incidentally, here’s a fun fact: immigrants to Canada are among the most educated in the world.


From the start, the Vo-Dignard Provost Group had an interest for this niche.  Mr. An-Lap Vo-Dignard was born in Montreal but studied at Collège Stanislas, an educational institution that prepares students for the French baccalaureate, and which is part of, under the French and Quebec governments, the network of French lycées (high schools).  (Incidentally, National Bank celebrated in 2017 its 110 years of presence in Paris).  French Canadian on his father’s side, An-Lap also has Asian roots from his mother.  Interest for the foreign investor facet thus came about naturally.  The VP Group developed this expertise over many years, ultimately earning quite a vote of confidence from the Swiss Private Bank Lombard Odier, founded in 1796.  Following a market analysis of all potential partners based on its high threshold of excellence, Lombard Odier settled on an exclusive reference agreement for its Canadian retail clients, presenting these Canadian clients the opportunity of doing business with the VP Group.  Furthermore, we have a network of internal and external experts that will help provide proper guidance to our foreign investors and newly arrived clients, in particular on tax matters.  Finally, as clients of the VP Group for your asset management and thanks to National Bank’s "HelloCanada" assistance program for newcomers, you are also entitled to an exclusive support service.  The opening of a bank account in Canada is essential for your day-to-day transactions and we can naturally help you in the process.  Even better, as VP Group clients, you will not be alone in your integration process, thanks to many services offered: Quality of Life Concierge service, legal assistance, Canada housing assistance, immigration assistance, and personal finance assistance.


Foreign investors: we will need to validate whether we are have the regulatory requirements to handle your investments, depending on your country of residence.  Upon request, we can provide you with testimonies from some of our foreign investors or newly arrived clients.

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