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Estate Planning

To ensure that your wishes are respected, you must have a succession plan and a will that is compliant and up-to-date.  This will help your beneficiaries avoid many problems.


To that end, you must:


  • Define the objectives of your succession plan;
  • Determine your wishes (beneficiary designations, asset distribution, nomination of guardians for minor children, etc.);
  • Establish the financial needs of your heirs, such as your children’s education, mortgage payments, etc.;
  • Evaluate your protection and your wellness in the event of incapacity;
  • Minimize the tax burden and maximize the cash flow available for your loved ones.


The VP Group will offer you the services of a dedicated Financial Planner, who is a direct member of our team and therefore exclusive to our clients.  The latter is a member of the Institut Québécois de la Planification Financière (IQPF) and can help guide you in concert with your trusted business relations (or introduce you to some if necessary) in developing a sound succession strategy optimized for your situation.

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