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The Vo-Dignard Provost (VP) Group’s Investment philosophy:


Portfolio management is to invest your assets with the aim of growing your financial wealth or realizing projects that you hold dear.  Since it can be done over various investment horizons and must take into consideration your cash flow needs and the fiscal impacts of your decisions, it requires expertise, experience and objectivity.


Your investments should be diversified – by sectors, asset categories, countries and management styles – and rebalanced over time to lower the risks linked to market performance, while adjusting to changes in your life.  In other words, the management methodology should seek appreciation of your capital while minimizing the volatility of your portfolio and by placing a fundamental emphasis on capital protection.


In the investment world, it is important to focus on what we can control rather than on factors beyond our control, such as financial market returns, which are very unpredictable over the short term.  One of the factors over which it is possible to have control to a certain extent is the level of risk that you take to reach your financial goals.  It is in this respect that the support from the Vo-Dignard Provost (VP) Group is crucial.  We will also help you in the management of emotions, which constitutes a key factor of discipline that will allow you to achieve long-term goals.


By choosing the VP Group of the National Bank Financial – Wealth Management to meet your investment needs, you will benefit from strategic advice on portfolio diversification and solutions adjusted to your objectives and investor profile.


Together, we will define your goals and your investor profile.  Amongst others, we will ask questions such as “what do you want to do with your money?” and “when do you want to do it?”  Then with the responses that you will provide us, we will draft your Investment Policy Statement, i.e., guidelines for the sound management of your portfolio according to your investor profile.  We will then select asset categories and individual components to include in your portfolio, as well as the right mix.  Thereafter, we will carry it all out for you, by investing in the funds and products that we have elected.  Finally, we will closely monitor the selected portfolio, as well as conduct reviews on a mutually agreed basis.

Investment Committee
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Manager selection and complementarity
  • Underweighting and overweighting, or manager replacement
  • Sector allocation (by industry)
  • Geographic allocation
  • Value vs. growth allocation
  • Forecasts of the economy, stock markets, potential targets and risks
  • Specific securities or news
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