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Foundations and partnerships

Philanthropy allows you to pass on the greatest asset to the next generation: your values.

The Vo-Dignard Provost Group will help you plan and maximize your philanthropic projects.  Just like any other investments, philanthropy demands rigorous professional planning and execution.

The VP Group will support you in your philanthropic action, whether it’s a one-time action or for the long term.  We will help you from your decision to make a donation, in the choice of the cause if you wish or the choice of the charitable organization, and we will there for its implementation, its monitoring, and for the measure of the impact of your gift.


Set-up of your own Dedicated Fund or Family Foundation 

Contact us if you are interested in more information.


Send in your CV!  We have many organizations to recommend if you are looking to get involved in volunteering, to allow your children to experience volunteering or for team bonding across your organization.

Fundraising and involvement for different causes

We already contribute a great deal of our time, both personally and financially, in this endeavour.  Nonetheless, we can share our know-how and expertise.  As such, we are able to provide business plans and successful strategies for different fundraising formats.


We can also help charitable organizations that matter to you implement a strategy of planned giving if not already done.

Causes Supported by the VP Group

Causes Fondation Bruny Surin

Bruny Surin Foundation

Our mission is to promote the physical and psychological benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle by conducting awareness and education campaigns for young students.

Our purpose is to encourage them to adopt a balanced lifestyle that will help them achieve their educational and sports goals and therefore motivate them to continue their academic studies.

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Fondation Papillon

La Fondation Papillon is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to provide adapted services that enable children with disabilities to reach their full potential and meet the needs of their families.

It is also dedicated to defending the rights and equal opportunities of children with disabilities and promoting their integration into the community.

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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

As with angel investors, the goal of the new Angel Circle is to develop relationships between individuals who are active, dynamic, innovative, and up-to-date with trends in arts, design, music and more. The majority of Angel Circle members are experienced and professionals who share the same interests – in particular, a great passion for culture.

Partenariat Osm

Montreal Symphonic Orchestra

The OSM is an artistic organization of international calibre that seeks to present the world’s repertoire of symphonic music and artists of international stature to the broadest audience possible. In the community, the OSM plays a social and institutional role, investing in the development of every form of symphonic and classical music. The OSM is a professional organization that fosters innovation and excellence.